Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Hard Sell

While an alarming number of people the world over seem ready to write the obituary for capitalism, our President goes to the G20 summit Tuesday trying to re-brand America as the leader of the global economy. Look at what we're doing, he wants to say, Get behind us. We've put our house in order. We've totallly blown our wad trying to spend our way out of this crisis, and now we're asking foreign powers to do the same.

Signs are not good. In the wake of the nation's banking collapse, world markets have plunged. Germany, Europe's largest and most solvent economy, has already committed a tremendous share of its GDP to meet charter obligations to bailout struggling EU member states. The trouble for Germany is that they are beset by profligate members France and the United Kingdom on one side, and formerly communist Eastern Europe on the other. The pressure for a yet bigger budget to further redistribute wealth across the continent has Spanish finance minister Pedro Solbes joining German Chancellor Angela Merkel in saying fuck no to a British proposal for a "global New Deal".

Barack, it's time to turn on the charm, brother.


  1. The problem is that Europe appears more willing to old onto the "tired worn out dogma's" of the free market as opposed to the President who wants to simultaneously be FDR, Huey Long and John Maynard Keynes with a sweet cream filling of LBJ's Great Society. I never thought I would say this, but we need to watch what the Germans and the French are doing. Paring down the size of the Welfare State. Or trying to. Since the Obama camp is always looking for new slogans to sell their agenda with, here is a great name.
    The Great Big Awesome Super Free everyone gets a blowjob society. That's change I can believe in.

  2. Yay! Everyone gets a blowjob!

  3. Actually, I think that we aren't getting the blowjob as being asked to swallow

  4. I believe in Barack Obama!
    He loves you and he loves your mama!
    I believe in Barack Obama, yeah!

    Try it. Makes you feel good.