Monday, June 8, 2009

Break Out the Waterboard

A Christian terrorist says that he has personal knowledge of terrorist plots being planned around the country, but he's not giving details.

Would Torture, Inc be inclined to extend their enhanced interrogation techniques to a guy who targets an American citizen because abortions make baby Jesus cry?

Just asking.


  1. In a New York minute my friend...

  2. Okay, put the screws to this guy. How do we define success? Simulate drowning until he admits that he's bluffing? Starts coming up with bogus leads? I'm still waiting for the evidence torture yields good intelligence, putting aside the question of how any degree to which it may or may not do that measures up against the negative ambient effects of such a policy. Never mind the cost/benefit calculation. First, what is the BENEFIT?

  3. We have the evidence, the WH won't release it.

  4. Asking a conservative to not have a double standard, is like asking grass to stop being green.