Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Segway, GM Join Forces

General Motors and Segway, the company which revolutionized travel for mall cops, have teamed up to meet the public demand for new vehicles of marginal use. GM hopes to get its product into Ed Begley Jr.'s driveway by 2012, provided that GM exists in 2012. A prototype of the new two-wheeled transport premiered in New York today. It has a top speed of 35mph, and a range of about 35 miles. Do the math.

More impressive are plans to incorporate vehicle-to-vehicle technology which would prevent collisions. Pretty cool. Designers are also trying to work out how to enable the wee buggy to navigate its own way through the streets. Even cooler.


  1. Where are the enviro-liberals going to stash all of the arugula they buy at Whole Foods? Shameful

  2. Has Sean Hannity taken over your brain? If so, remember that he SUPPORTS the auto bailout.